Back to School Picnic 

Aug. 26, 2017



Fall Retreat 2012

During this retreat we focused on God’s Word and how it applies to us today


Spring Retreat 2012

During this retreat, we studied the heavenly sanctuary and its relevance to us today.

Empower Fall Retreat ’11

During Empower, we looked at the difficult things that we are called to do as followers of Christ and the eternal victory that we receive through Him.

In Focus Spring Retreat ’11

During our Spring 2011 Retreat, we studied the Three Angels’ Messages and their signficance for us as the Adventist movement.

“enFlame” Fall Retreat ’10

Our Fall 2010 Retreat had us exploring what the Gospel message is and what it means for us as Adventist Christians to be witnesses on our campuses.

“Why?” Spring Retreat ’10

Back at Camp Chestnut Ridge! Our Spring 2010 retreat led us on a journey exploring who we are as Christians and as Adventists.

Group Ice Skating – Jan. 2010

enVision Fall Retreat ’09

We held our enVision Fall retreat in September 2009 at Camp Chestnut Ridge. We talked about developing our vision for the new school year with the hope, purpose, and transformation that God gives and promises us.